Quality Control

The hallmark of Allied Recycling Ltd. is to produce goods with excellent performance and at reasonable price.Our most important criteria of quality is the satisfaction of our customers, both on quality and services.We aim at maintaining their full confidence in Allied Recycling Ltd. as a reliable quality supplier through our quality systems.

The company firmly believes that quality is always an achievement of intelligent efforts. The company takes all the precautionary measures to maintain the quality of the products. For this the company has the most modern instruments i.e. Mechanical Measurement Instruments, Physical Measurement Instrument and Metallurgical Testing Instrument.

Mechanical Measurement Instrument
Dial Indicator, Vernier, Micrometer, Surface Plate, Profile Projector, Height Gauge, Slip gauge, Surface Finish Tester and all inspection facilities.

Physical Measurement Instrument
Hardness Tester, Tensile Testing Machine, Crack detector, Utlrasonic Testing Machine, Micro Structure Lab, Sand testing equipment.

Metallurgical Testing
Director reading spectrometer, Metallurgical Microscope, Cutting & Polishing Machine.